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  The articles in this section have been contributed by writers other than Pastor Steve Atwood. While we might not agree wth every detail of each article we do believe that the information in these articles is generally beneficial and will be edifying to the Body of Christ.

N.I.V. Test
(Doug Dodd ; Edgewater, FL)

Measure of Faith
(Jerry Lockhart ; New Braunfels, TX)

Who is the Real God?
(Jerry Lockhart ; New Braunfels, TX)

"Submission" and the Christian Walk
 (John Cunningham : Chattanooga, TN)

Getting into the Family of God
(David Dowell : Bristol, TN)

Salvation Without Works, by Identification, Through Faith (E.C. Moore : Pensacola, FL)

Things Paul Could Not Do
(E.C. Moore : Pensacola, FL)

The Prayer of Jabez, It's Principle, and Paul
(Rollin E. Wilson : Altoona,Wisconsin)


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